Microsoft Dynamics

Save time and resources! The ERP system is a tool that will help you manage your company efficiently.

At the current pace of technological development of companies, effective competitive management and skillful use of information often determine the acquisition of competitive advantage. To quickly achieve the goals set for company and efficiently implement the planned tasks, companies should have constant access to current and reliable data, the quality of which has a very significant impact on the accuracy of decisions.


Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics offers a group of products for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). The ERP system is a tool that streamlines the company’s operations, integrating data from various departments. The CRM system focuses on sales, marketing and customer service management.

A wide range of products enables the selection of a system suitable for the company depending on its size, business profile, number of processes. After analyze the profil of your firm, we will choose a system that will help you grow your business so that it better responds to the expectations of the changing market and the needs of your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics capabilities

Develop and improve every aspect of your business to meet the challenges of a changing market and the needs of your customers.

Dynamics 365 Finance Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Increase the pace of your company’s development by implementing a modern ERP system that integrates all areas of your business.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Win new customers and sell more to existing customers, create personalized offers based on current trends, analysis of consumer behavior and cooperation history.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Use the innovative tools provided by Microsoft to manage your stores – increase sales and provide excellent customer service.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Provide your customers with efficient and personalized service, anticipate their needs and respond quickly to them with tools that support customer service.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Using Adobe Marketing Cloud and Dynamics 365, combine marketing activities with sales processes and get higher revenues and a greater return on marketing expenditure.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

With the help of intelligent functions analyzing data from many sources, research the behavior of your customers and anticipate their expectations to provide them with personalized service.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Optimize field service management with intelligent planning, remote monitoring, and mobile applications that improve service technicians.

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Conduct your projects more efficiently, using modern tools supporting resource, time and expenditure management – create cost estimates, verify project progress and budget implementation on an ongoing basis.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Create a team that will be the foundation of your company’s success – define the candidates’ profiles, easily manage the recruitment process, select the best and efficiently implement them in the company’s operational processes.

If you need help choosing the right solution, we are at your disposal!

Even if everything works well at first sight in your company, that doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement. We are a qualified team with extensive knowledge and experience not only in the field of IT systems, but also in many other industries. This allows us to understand processes taking place in your company and accurately identify areas that need to improve.

Good analysis is a full understanding of the company’s business goal. On the one hand, it includes consultations with the management board and management staff, on the other – talks with regular employees.

The bottom-up vision of the company’s employees often differs from the vision of the management board, which is why reliable analysis of the organization of the company and its business model is not easy. The result of the analysis is to determine the current state of the company, define existing processes and propose changes that will improve its operation and facilitate further development. The analysis process also includes technical aspects, i.e. the existing technical infrastructure and IT systems used in the company.

It is worth emphasizing that the key element of the analysis is to precisely identify customer expectations and develop the characteristics of business processes that are to be reflected in the system. This creates the initial concept of a solution. The final product of the analysis is a document that allows you to design a solution regardless of the technology selected.

A diligent business analysis will allow you to choose a system that matches the number of users and the scope of your business. If you have already implemented the Microsoft Dynamics system, we will conduct an analysis in terms of using the available functionalities and further development of the system.

The moment of implementing a new company management system is extremely important because it is a symbolic “new beginning”. It provides an opportunity to eliminate unnecessary activities, process optimization, elimination of losses and errors. Our experience in implementing implementations is a necessary base to make the best use of your chance to achieve a new quality of company operations. We will help you customize the system to support all, even the most complex processes in your company.

We implement Microsoft Dynamics systems in accordance with the Sure Step methodology. This method guarantees the highest quality of services, system effectiveness and quick implementation. You don’t have to worry about stagnation in your company. Thanks to our many years of experience, the entire process will run very smoothly. The procedures and tools we have checked will have a positive impact on the quality and cost of the implementation.

The implementation of the ERP system is an important step, but the implementation is only the beginning of your business in an ERP environment. Your organization is developing, and the system must follow this development. We want to serve you with our experience in system maintenance by providing post-implementation support services. We have introduced a number of modifications to our clients to adapt the system to specific needs – from minor modifications that have significantly improved the quality of work, to large projects reaching the rank of new modules. However, for customers who already have the Microsoft Dynamics system implemented, we offer analysis, support and development of the implemented system.

It is worth noting that the implemented system is not the final version – it can be modified at any time. On the one hand, it may result from the new specifics of the company, e.g. changes in processes or entering new areas of activity, and on the other hand from changing legal provisions.

We offer a wide range of training on topics individually tailored to the needs of users. At the implementation stage, we organize ‘initial’ and ‘on-the-job’ training. In the next stages, we offer refresher trainings that will help users make the most of the system.

Benefits of choosing Microsoft Dynamics

Selected by tens of thousands of companies from many industries around the world

Developed partner’s network providing system suport

Constantly developed to keep up with the latest trends

An international brand thah guarantees the highest quality

Flexible licesing model

We implement and develop systems from the Microsoft Dynamics family. Our activities are aimed at optimizing business processes and companies growth

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