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This module allows you to significantly improve the efficiency of the use of enterprise resources and increase its profitability by optimizing the schedules of time and place of work of technicians, as well as planning automation. Dynamics 365 Field Service is a tool that makes servicing calls much more efficient – technicians are sent only when it is really necessary and they always have the right tools at their disposal (including mobile applications and current information on topic of individual customers).

Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Field Service

The most important benefits of implementing the Dynamics 365 Field Service module in an enterprise include:

Significantly improve customer problem resolution time due to full insight and real-time guidance access

Effective and effecient management of company inventory, resulting from real-time monitoring of the state of inventories in all warehouses and loaded on trucks

Improving the company’s profitability by using the collected data to perform predictive analyzes that allow you to remotely detect and solve problems before customers know about their existence

Increasing the level of customer satisfaction resulting from timely and efficient service

Customers can track the location of the called technician in real time and access information on the date and place of the service

Facilitate the management of all types of service contracts

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Who is Dynamics 365 Field Service for?

Dynamics 365 Field Operations will be most useful in any enterprise in the service and retail sector, as it allows to noticeably reduce operating costs while improving the level and time of service. An additional advantage of this module is the ability to use it to increase the level of customer involvement, among others. by providing them with a preview of both completed and planned service cases, as well as insight into the availability of technicians through an easy-to-use portal.

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