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This module allows you to increase the efficiency of project management, optimize the resources used, as well as forecast their profitability and increase the efficiency of company employees. The Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation module enables effective management of the budgets of individual projects and gives insight into the data on the progress of each of them, which guarantees the completion of each project in the planned time and within the budget. The results of a given project can be further confirmed due to the possibility of precise visualization of costs and necessary work expenditure, allowing to prepare and implement projects with maximum efficiency.

Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

The most important benefits of implementing the Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation module in a company include:

Precise forecasting of the company’s demand in terms of resources and how they are allocated to individual projects

Forecasting the profitability of individual projects and estimating sales opportunities based on intelligent analytical tools available within the module

Providing managers with easy-to-use projects and rich in functionality management desktops, allowing, among others monitor and approve project costs and Times

Assignment of tasks based on qualifications and monitoring of resource use in real time

Improving cooperation between project teams within the company

Defining and assigning priorities to individual projects to optimize the effectiveness of their implementation

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Who is Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation for?

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is a solution primarily intended for enterprises whose activity is focused on the timely implementation of projects within the budget specified by the customer. The implementation of this module allows to increase employee efficiency, optimize the use of enterprise resources and significantly reduce the time to introduce ready projects to the market. An additional advantage is the mobility of the module, allowing you to use it regardless of time, place and device.

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