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Regardless of the size of your company, Office 365 will improve the operation of the entire enterprise. Use all programs and tools – from any device, wherever you are.

Widely known applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint are an important component of the service, but modern companies need tools to support teamwork. These tools must be simple and intuitive so that each employee can use them freely.

The latest solutions for business must take into consideration: greater employee mobility and the fact that they use many devices in their work, including private ones. Office 365 responds to such needs – one license allows you to use the system on multiple devices and allows access from anywhere.

The Office 365 service is not a closed project. Microsoft specialists are constantly developing the product, taking into account new technologies and user suggestions.

Microsoft Office 365

Advantages of Office 365

Running a business is easier with the Office 365 service. Get access to everything you need to work efficiently, anytime and anywhere.

Access from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone)

Always up to date tools

Data security thanks to OneDrive cloud

Try Office 365 today!

Each system implemented in the company should be configured in accordance with the characteristics of the business and the requirements of users. Otherwise, the company will lose its original character or users, instead of raising standards and efficiency of work, will feel the burden of additional, unnecessary activities.

By definition, the new system should facilitate the work of users, increase efficiency, take into consideration the growth of the company and market changes.

The Office 365 service is a set of applications that take into consideration many possible uses in business. It is important to choose tools that in the particular case will be the most effective and have a positive impact on our work. Iit is necessary to diagnose and define the details appearing in the organization’s structure, such as cooperating teams, rights of individual employees, scope of activity.

The system should be configured along with the suggestions of people who will use implemented tools. It is also important to train them in the use. The effect of the above steps is a system that meets the company’s requirements and is user-friendly.

The Office 365 service is addressed to every company regardless of its size. Certain elements of communication, cooperation or sharing documents are very similar in small businesses as well as in large enterprises, the main difference is the scale of a particular phenomenon. The Office 365 system is designed to organize the rules of communication and synchronize information.

Companies do not have to employ a staff of IT specialists today. The institution of the system administrator can be taken over by a Microsoft partner who guarantees technical support in the scope of configuration changes, adding users or even conducting trainings and workshops for new recipients.

The Office 365 service is constantly being developed, new applications are being added and existing ones are being supplemented with new functions. Information about modifications and new functions systematically added to the system is updated on an ongoing basis and available in the user panel.

As a Microsoft partner, we help in the implementation of new solutions and indicate the possibilities of their use in business.

As a result of our observations, we noticed that many functionalities available in the Office 365 service are not used at all by entrepreneurs. Several situations in which customers have responded positively to the possibilities offered by the services included in the package, have shown us the need to conduct workshops/training before the decision on the choice of the package and its purchase.

That is why we give you the opportunity to participate in workshops where selected employees of the company simulate everyday work on a system configured for real data – all under the guidance of experienced workshop leaders.

The result of this approach is full awareness of the need to use the system and the knowledge needed to select the appropriate packages and their configuration, which greatly facilitates the work of both parties and significantly reduces implementation time.

Training in the form of workshops, application description or step-by-step instructions are available for new and existing Office 365 customers. The trainings, like the service itself, are constantly developing and evolving.

Benefits of Office 365

Mobile office

With Office 365, you can safely work outside the office – gain the ability to save files to a virtual disk with access to any device, wherever you are.

Work order

Work with many people at the same time on the same version of a document, improving collaboration and communication in the team.

Fast contact

Contact your colleagues by checking their availability, sending an instant message or using the tele / video conference option.

Constant updates

Office 365 always provides the latest software versions and a 99.9% guarantee of uninterrupted service operation 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Cost optimization

The amount of fees depends on the number and type of licenses – depending on your needs, you can change product versions and the number of users.

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