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We implement and develop systems from the Microsoft Dynamics family

We implement and develop systems from the Microsoft Dynamics family. Our activities are aimed at optimizing business processes and companies growth. Thanks to our help, you can faster achieve your goals, improve business standards and become one of the market leaders. We are motivated to work hard to strengthen local entrepreneurship so that small and medium companies could compete in foreign markets and grow in strength to improve quality of our life.

We believe that customer satisfaction, commitment and quality of our work are the company’s highest value. We want to be the best at what we do, which is why we are constantly increasing our knowledge and competence and following new products by participating in trade fairs and international conferences.

We are a team that cooperates, not competes. A team that is responsible for their own tasks and focused on seeking new solutions to improve our clients work and accelerate their development. We believe that each of us is an important part of our company, each of us has an impact on creating AXHelpers culture and atmosphere.

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Why you should cooperate
with us?


We are specialists with over 10 years of experience in implementation and suport of ERP class systems. We have Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency, which guarantees high level implementation to our clients.


Our knowledge is supported by many years of practice, and continuous analysis of change taking place in business, economy and on the market of ERP class systems.


The main task of our team is comprehensive customer suport, both during implementation and after its completion. We care about the selection of appropriate solutions and constant technical assistance.


We implement ERP systems maintaining the highest standards, based on the proven Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology. Thanks to this method, we can guarantee you the highest quality of our services, system effectiveness and its quick implementation.

Our products

Microsoft Dynamics

Save time and resources! The ERP system is a tool that will help manage your company efficiently. In addition, it will allow you to combine all data from company departments and processes in one place – without unnecessary spreadsheets and a whole bunch of documents.

Microsoft Azure

We will help you design Azure solutions that will enable your company to scale IT infrastructure in a few minutes!

Microsoft Office 365

Regardless of how big your company is, you can be sure that Office 365 will improve the operation of the entire enterprise. Use all Microsoft programs and tools – from any device, wherever you are!

We implement and develop systems from the Microsoft Dynamics family. Our activities are aimed at optimizing business processes and companies growth.

AXHelpers Sp. z o.o.

Józefa Franczaka „Lalka” 43
20-325 Lublin
VAT ID: 712 327 67 37

+48 81 311 00 17


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